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September 24, 2015

QuanDx Announces Distribution Agreement for the Zeesan CE-IVD High Risk HPV Genotyping Assay

San Francisco, CA, USA. Nov. 24, 2015 QuanDx Inc., a biotechnology company developing and commercializing innovative molecular diagnostic tests for personalized cancer treatment, today announced that it has signed an worldwide agreement (excluding China) with Zeesan Biotech for the distribution of its MeltPro High Risk HPV Genotyping Assay.

The HPV assay, which has been released as a CE-IVD product, is a single-tube, multiplex qPCR method followed by multicolor melt curve analysis, is provided in a dry reagent format that can be stored at room temperature. One distinct feature of this single-tube assay is that it can differentiate all 14 high risk HPV types, and thus facilitate the determination of HPV persistent infection, the cause of cervical cancer. Moreover, it can easily identify those co-infected samples that harbored more than one type of HPV, which are however often missed by assays that only detect a few major types but not all types of HPV.

“This distribution agreement strengthens our already successful partnership with Zeesan Biotech with the addition of the High-Risk HPV Genotyping Assay to the commercially available Leukemia Fusion Genes Q30 Screening Kit currently marketed by QuanDx. The expansion of our range of CE-IVD products demonstrates our commitment to providing quality diagnostic products to the European market. said Matthew Lei, QuanDx, Chief Executive Officer. We will continue to work towards CE marking of our other key signature products during the remainder of 2015.

Graeme Duncan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing commented: The CE-IVD High-Risk HPV Genotyping Assay specifically genotypes all 14 high-risk types of HPV in one reaction, to assess the presence of high-risk HPV, associated with the development of cervical cancer. The CE-IVD mark assures laboratories and clinicians that they can rely on the HPV Genotyping Assay to provide accurate results in their assessment of women at risk and to optimize ongoing treatment strategies.


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